New Beginnings.....

I have always found the sound of water to be incredibly calming.  When I've needed an "escape", usually I end up somewhere by the water.  Water is a life necessity.  It can be cleansing, comforting, beautiful, and serene.  Water can also be incredibly destructive as many of us witnessed in the Ellicott City flood that took place July 30, 2016.  

Sometimes we need to be knocked to our core to allow for better things to happen.  Maybe it's life's way of making us change our perspective or maybe it's life's way of providing better opportunities.  Whatever it is I can now say I'm finally at peace with what happened.  When Chris and I developed a business plan 6 years ago before opening A La Mode Boutique, we never included a plan for "what if a destructive flood rips through our store causing a total loss of all inventory, equipment, and fixtures".  So we found ourselves in new territory wondering what to do next.  Questioning everything.  And somewhere along that journey we started to realize that this is an opportunity for us to re-create what we have created but to do it in a BIGGER and BETTER way.  A very dear friend told us that no flood can take away our vision.  So here we are....super excited about the opportunity for a new beginning in our Ellicott City location (coming soon) and the launch of our website!  

We are incredibly thankful for the friends, family, and community members who have been and continue to be our lifeline in this journey.  We hope to use this blog as a way to share inspiration, fashion trends, and fun lifestyle ideas and tips.  


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